Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

Going Viral (Music Video)

Check out this music video that I made with me trusty iPad and iPhone.

Details about the music and the video apps:

Audio apps: Launchpad (for backing tracks), GarageBand (for strings and mixing), iSem (lead synth), Mastering.

Visual Apps: Uzu (A generative design playground). I “played” the visual app on iPad as I listened to the song which I had saved to my iPhone. I used the new screen recording function in iOS11 to capture the visuals. Luma Fusion app was used to put the audio and video together, and then upload to YouTube.

Performance video

I’ve released a new and different kind of music video. This is my first ever performance video;

Below is the description taken from the YouTube page:

Inspired by a recent video from Doug of TheSoundTestRoom where he took a look at the old LaunchKey synthesizer app…link –>

Also, it was a nice day so I went outdoors and set up my Novation LaunchKey Mini keyboard and iPad.

I had collected a bunch of different sounds in the Blocs Wave app, and imported those into LaunchPad. Using the LaunchKey Mini keyboard, I controlled both the LaunchPad and the LaunchKey apps. Novation makes the LaunchKey Mini keyboard and Amplify is Novation’s iOS app developer team, so I just called it a Novation Jam to keep things simple.

The music was recorded with the app called AUM (from Kymatica), The video was recorded with the ProCam app and was edited using LumaFusion.

More info:

I may do more of these types of videos as the thought of it and the doing of it were both quite inspirational. Also the video editing was just as interesting, using a newly acquired app called, LumaFusion. This is probably the most fully fleshed out and powerful video editor available for iOS devices. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in video editing on a mobile device.


–Bourne 23Sep17

New album: Mindless


I’ve just released a new album, titled: Mindless. This is my fourth full album, and as with my other works, it was made using Apple iDevices and a bunch of apps.

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It’s April Fools Day, and I’m back; but does that mean this is not a real post?  Is this an April Fools prank?  Or, is this a legitimate post? Hmmm….it’s a bit of a quandary…I mean; this is a post, so it is real but it could be a joke.  We’re in a bit of a logic loop here which leads right into today’s discussion of:  loops and samples.
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Album release: Dreams

I’m happy to announce my latest work, an album titled Dreams, is now available.  This is another of my all iOS produced music albums.  This 11 song (and a bonus) collection is available on Bandcamp as follows:

Two new music videos accompany the release as you can see below:

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New album preview




With a new release in the works, I have just posted a preview video of song excerpts from the upcoming album titled, Dreams.  The album contains several ambient and soundscape type pieces, along with some rock and electro pop.  There are finishing touches to be made, but everything is coming along nicely, and I hope to have everything finished within a couple of weeks.
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John Carpenter Live

imageI have long admired and respected John Carpenter as a creative force. This is a man that wrote, produced, directed, edited and scored many of his own movies, as well as wrote screenplays for others. Not many people have the talent, let alone the fortitude that Carpenter exhibited throughout his storied career.

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