Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

It begins


Introducing: Bourne, an iOS Music Composer.

Why iOS?

The Apple devices, iPod Touch, iPhone, and especially the iPad along with iOS (the operating system of the devices), are the greatest inventions of the computer age, so far. Obviously an opinion, but one based on experience and a long career in the computer software field.

I have had more fun, more excitement, more creativity, and more production of music since acquiring the iPad, 1.5 years ago, then all of the last few years combined. It is not just the portability, though that is a huge factor, it is not just the flexibility; really boil it down to the iPad having the ability…the ability to host some truly amazing software.

This “scene” if you will, is evolving as rapidly as the software developers can roll out new items and make huge fantastic upgrades to existing apps. The folks using iOS to make serious music are gaining…gaining in acceptance, gaining in numbers, and gaining in creativity.

With this blog I intend to document my journey through the iOS music landscape and along the way I will point areas of interest, such as new software or hardware products relevant to iOS music making. Though I won’t write software reviews, I will write about apps I use and I will post my music here, or provide direct links.

I will also write about others that are making iOS music, and hope to provide links to their music, personal sites and blogs. I have found some community sites that I plan to join soon and will post about that here as well.

Come along on this musical journey with me; if successful, I will provide both education and entertainment…musically speaking, of course.

–Bourne 18Aug13

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