Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

iOS 7 goodies?

iOS7 goodies are here?

Sitting back and watching things unfold on the iOS music scene is not where I want to be exactly. B ut for the release of iOS7 I think I am in the correct spot.

Most iPhone (etc) consumers won’t be aware of anything “wrong” with their upgrades/new devices. While iOS musician/producers are still scratching their heads a bit as to what we have or don’t have, and/or will have feature wise. IAA (Inter App Audio) is here, but no apps to play the host? Or very few yet? And just a few apps are IAA ready out of the gate, but of course NLog Synth is on the list. Nlog must be compatible with every technology and method there is to be compatible with for iOS music.

And there is, or was, the phone bug. A phone call or calendar alarm will shut down a running music making app and totally mess up your work and your head. That may have been fixed in the recent patch, I don’t know.

So, what is this IAA? One of the best descriptions that I found is this, from Auria’s (the DAW app) site:

“If you have any inter-app compatible apps installed on your iPad, they’ll show up along side your other Auria plugins in the channelstrip and AUX insert slots. To use one, simply choose it from the list. Instrument inter-apps are also supported the same way. For example, recording a new synth part has never been easier:”

And then when I read this next blurb, I see where some confusion originates.

“Inter-app instruments and effects will also display a transport control for controlling Auria’s playback and recording, as well as an icon for switching back into Auria when finished…”

That sounds like what we have with Audiobus. And that would get some people to think Audiobus is no longer needed. But that’s not the case either. IAA is Apple’s first step in allowing the unification of apps. I still contend that Apple did not understand how big iOS music making would get nor how fast it would grow. They are playing catch up, but if they do get ahead of this train, oh mercy. Who knows, Apple may invent or discover and usher forth with some new gadget that will change our world once again?

As for iOS7 and IAA for me, well my iPad2 doesn’t have enough free space for the upgrade and I planned to wait a while anyway. And…I should have a new device soon. It will come delivered with iOS7 so my opportunities to start the exploration of IAA should be upon me real soon.

— Bourne, 10/6/2013

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