Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

Yes, much goodness in iOS7

A little slow on updating, but that’s my norm of late. As usual there is much happening in my world, and then there is the added complication of iOS7 (not that big of a deal), and the new features that I care about: IAA(InterAppAudio), and the expansion of Garage Band (now up to 16tracks on my iPad4).


You can see nine tracks, so that, and the ability to have compatible instrument and effect apps come directly into GB is a real boon for me. You can see the icons of Alchemy Synth and Galileo Organ on the tracks too. IAA also works fine in Auria the Professional grade recording app. It accepts IAA apps for instruments and effects, thereby increasing its power and flexibility. Truly great new features of which I am just scratching the surface.

I still have much to learn in various synth and special effects apps and so far it has been a good experience. One part of the learning is just twiddling dials and messing around with various settings and checking the results. Some great discoveries have been made in this way and once that happens then I can take what I found and research that and hopefully learn what it was that I did. That is not the only way I am learning…I really do RTFM. Plus I check the tube for vids, and read a lot of blogs (skim a lot of blogs).

The iOS7 upgrade is smooth and I’ve not run into any kinks or glitches, so far. I have limited the apps I carry on this iOS7 device and so I am somewhat isolated to music making apps, Notability note taking app, email, and web browsing. Oh and pictures…another area that improved with the new ios: The picture gallery is finally organized and it works fine for me.

The accidental discovery of free Apple apps has been a nice boon as well. All new devices running iOS7 apparently can download all if not most of the Apple iPad apps for free…such as iMove, Numbers, Keynote, and Pages. I’ve done that, but the apps will have to sit and wait for a while until I have extra time (doubtful) or the need (more likely) to utilize them.

Oh, so much to do…but these are great things that need to be done and challenges are usually a good thing. I hope to get some more organization done here on the blog and part of that is to get some of my music directly upload so it may be streamed here. Check back soon.

Be seeing you…

— Bourne 06Nov13

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