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The Dream Instrument

Viola Organista in Action.

Reposting a link that I found here at WP. All I want to do by posting this link is to point out the dreams of Di Vinci are slowly becoming reality, and so here ya go. Plus, the weirdly shot video aside, this is like the dream keyboard of all time across the universe!!! Maybe.

It sounds beautiful, but they never showed a closeup of the guy playing it. I mean, what a second…isn’t that the most important aspect of the contraption? The playability to create these amazingly rich sounds is what would set this apart, so why not display that, why would you not show off the performers skills? Alas, I have no good answer.

It is beautiful to the eye as well as the ear, as it should be. One must wonder, what Di Vinci would make of seeing such a thing come to life.

Well, that’s all I have…no it isn’t…
NAMM happened
NAMM dominated
NAMM is gone

Wow look at the aftermath…and be it a result of Namm or not, we’ve had a lot of activity in the iOS music world recently.

A lot of new apps have been released this year and it is quite a diverse group too. I have no plans to obtain any now but if I do, I’ll be sure to write about it/them. I have my hands and brain full as it is with the apps I have; some new to me are a really big challenge.

Looping: now this is an musical creation aft form that absolutely fascinates me to no end. So I bought Loopy HD a brilliant, simple, yet powerful app. I don’t really know what I will end up doing with it…but playing around with it has already provided me with inspiration but also some riffs and lines that will be used somewhere, eventually.

I am still in search of a drum app and I may just “byte the bullet” (har har) and purchase one and see what happens. (Sometimes I stress a bit over the purchase of an app…an app that costs the same as a Starbucks, or a beer…and I don’t know why).

Well…more soon I hope.

Be seeing you