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An evening with physicist Dr Brain Greene, a Phillip Glass score played by a live orchestra, and a pretty lady at my side. Not a geeky fantasy, but real life; and at our treasured theatre, the Paramount, in Austin.


Dr Greene led off the night with a mini-lecture on black holes, and that set up the second part of the show. His children’s book, Icarus At The Edge Of Time, was the basis for both the beautifully created film that was a blend of creatively light live action and animation — and the musical score for said film by Phillip Glass.

We enjoyed all aspects of the experience and it really tied in to a lot of thoughts and research I have pursued of late dealing with the physics of sound and sound reproduction (as related to music, mostly).

Anytime one can attend a presentation by a live professional orchestra, one must, I say! And I really admire Phillip Glass and his work, though I don’t enjoy all of his output (and there is so much…he’s quite prolific), There are serval of his works that I adore. As it turns out, the score for Icarus was really good, it really conveyed musically what was happening on the screen, even more in certain aspects of the story of a boy’s attempt to visit a black hole.

The orchestra was a no name “live” orchestra, I think it was formed from local musicians just for this performance, but they played together very well. The acoustics of the old theatre are pretty good and there is nothing like hearing a live string section, for me it is a special aural delight.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but as a composer and music maker, (and really for any kind of artist) often a great source is exposure to other art. And after my immersion in an event that combined many of my favorites arts and interests, I do feel especially inspired. And the difficulty is focusing that inspiration, but that is the current goal, and I plan a follow up to this in a subsequent post.

Go out and listen to some live music…it can help you, and help other music makers.

Be seeing you
– Bourne

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