Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

A Special Announcement

A special post today: a good friend has his first single released on iTunes…
Buy it now, it’s excellent.

Artist: AVB — Song: “Brand New”

How is this related to an iOS music blog? This is a traditional studio recording, but A.V.B. is an iPad user too; mostly he’s been an inspiration to me, and that’s the relevant tie in to this blog. A.V.B. Is a singer/songwriter who is as passionate about music as I am, and he has set his sights very high. He made the decision to become a full time musician and has been working hard for over a year at this; honing his craft in the studio with a professional producer and playing some live gigs to round out his skills.

And now he’s released to the world a first taste; a fine well crafted pop/rock song — it’s catchy and makes me want to sing along. A full album will be released this fall and there should be another single coming out before then…I am really looking forward to that. I had the opportunity to hear some early takes of a few songs and they were damn good, the finished product will be a sonic treat, of that I am sure.

And to keep things iOS focused here, I must note that I gifted the Audiobus app to A.V.B some time ago, but with his focus on studio work I don’t think he’s explored much of the music making capabilities of his iPad. I hope to influence him on that in the very near future, of course.

As I have stated before, just about anything music related can be iOS music related. Basically those things that influence or inspire me will eventually make its way into my music which is all created in iOS music apps. Knowing someone who is starting out to make a music career is exciting, and I think it will be fun to watch what happens. It is a tough business, and as we all know, making a living in music is not all about talent (though it should be), but one must have a strong will, patience, and lots of determination to make it happen.

So many things can easily go wrong in artistic endeavors but A.V.B. has a great start with his first issue and strong start is so important. I wish for him much success and happiness. I will post again on A.V.B. when the next single and/or album is released.

Be seeing you
— Toz Bourne 16Jul14

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