Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

(Revised 29Jul14)
Announcing: My first music videos are on YouTube. Botha vids were created on iPad4.

Here is the link to my first music video, on YouTube:

“Echo Delta Motel”

Details of the music and video production:

AirDancer music; created, recorded, and mastered on iPad4

The following music app were used:
Alchemy Mobile Synth (Camel Audio), Stereo Designer (Holderness Media), Auria (Wavemachine Labs), AudioShare (Kymatica), Audio Mastering (iMusic Album).

These video pass were used:
vidibox (Billaboop Studios), iMovie (Apple).

The above app credits cover both the intro video segment (appx 16 seconds), and the AirDancer song (appx 2:54). Interesting that even though the music for each segment was created months apart, I ended up using the same set of apps for the music.

For “Echo Delta Motel” (EDM)
I used Novation’s Launchpad app, along with AudioShare and AudioMastering as music apps.
For the video — same as above vidibox (what a super cool app) and iMovie.

Hope you enjoy!!!




Be seeing you
— Bourne 29Jul14

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