Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

Good day, 

My first Instructional app demo is up on YouTube.  I used a really cool app called “Explain Everything” to make the bulk of the video.  

Beatwave, version 2.5 from developer Collect3, is a pattern based sequencer that can be used to make a wide variety of tunes…from EDM to Jazz.  It’s a Free universal app requiring iOS 7 and up and is a 77.2 MB download.  Even though it is a sequencer it does not have MIDI, however it is Audiobus and Inter App Audio comparable.  Various in-app purchases (IAP) are available and the video demo uses the full Pro upgrade ($9.99 at this time).  

The quality of the sampled sounds are darn good and it’s a fun and now fully functional music making app.  This app has a long history and sat dormant for a while as iOS music making gained large strides.  Last summer (2014) the app received a huge upgrade to 2.0 with other enhancements and fixes is now up to 2.5 (I used the Beta build, version for the app demo). 

As it is a free app, it’s worth a look, especially if you are interested in similar apps such as Auxy or Medly, which are also pattern based sequencers…and all are free on the App Store. 

I had to split the video due to the size, according to a pop up message when I tried to upload to YouTube from my iPad.  Anyway, here they are: 

Beatwave part-1 
Beatwave part-2 

Be seeing you

— Bourne 06May15

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