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iOS Music; coming of age

Coming of age


Music making on iOS devices will see further advances with the release of iOS9. Some music app wish list items will be coming to our iDevices late this year. At the annual Apple developer’s conference (WWDC) this last week, Apple revealed some wonderful new tools that will be available for music app software developers in the next iteration of iOS. Hopefully many will jump on in and develop and/or enhance apps that will make use of the new features.


New sounds for iSymphonic Orchestra

The developer Crudebyte has added a new IAP for the iSymphonic Orchestra app. ┬áThe “Arpa Sound Set” includes 15 presets of some interesting instruments and combination of instruments.

I have posted a sound app demo on YouTube ( see below) covering the new sound pack; and this,video includes a bit of an unfinished song in the form of a music video, this uses several of the new presets as perhaps a better example of the sounds.


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— Bourne 07Jun15