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First off is a plug for a friend who recently released a new song on iTunes.  Bridges Burn – Single by AVB

AVB has two other singles on iTunes titled: Brand New, and You Push and I’ll Pull.

AVB, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, is a great friend who is a big inspiration musically and personally. As a fellow iPad owner and music app user, he was there back when I was first getting serious with iOS music making.

Also, Ant is the first person that I ever jammed with when using an iPad as my instrument. I recall that we got my iPad plugged into some massive speaker system, and I played around on Animoog. It was my first actual loud experience playing an iPad (and it was great). And then I accompanied his acoustic guitar playing with some Garage Band violins and strings. That was one of those special moments in life; one of those times where the experience of the moment runs deep, and stays with for a long, long time.



International collab







I’m involved in an international music collaboration project of epic proportions. More details later, but I will state that this effort will stretch the Internet from Austin to London, and somewhere in between. I am very excited about this, and honored to join these excellent musicians to form a virtual band.

An old (big) music project is rising from the ashes of time. I will do a whole blog entry about this soon; it involves orchestration and music notation — which sounds very boring now that look at those written words.

As mentioned somewhere else on this blog, I have a new album being readied for release. As a teaser of sorts I uploaded one of the tunes to my soundcloud account. The song is called Knot E, and you can listen to it here:



There has been a lot of activity in iOS music app news as well. Fugue Machine hit the AppStore with a tremendous buzz. A brilliantly simple concept, smartly realized; this app basically helps one create complex musical fugue like structures quickly and easily.



One of my favorite apps, iSymphonic Orchestra, had a recent update and that included the addition of what I believe will be the final sound pack IAP called the Vento Sound Set. I use the word final, but that is just a guess. I don’t have any information on that, but my suspicion is because the app, with all of the available IAPs, now sits at 3.7 GB on my iPhone. That is a heck of a lot bytes for just one app my friends.

I suspect that Crudebyte, the developers, will release a new app at some point to perhaps carry the symphonic instrument idea even further. All of the Crudebyte music instrument apps were transformed this year making them universal (use on iPhone and iPad) and adding AudioBus compatibility. It is always good to see developers staying active with current apps and to know that they listen to their customers. I can also have a hope; my holiday wish,  to see the next app from Crudebyte and it will be for high quality solo strings. They already have iSymphonic Orchestra, Oriental Strings — so maybe the next  app could be iSymphonic Solo Strings?



In a previous blog post titled “iOS music: coming of age” I wrote about the advent of new the iOS music making technology called Audio Units. As of earlier this month we have the first two apps that can make use of this tech. MultitrackStudio’s recent update included the ability to act as host for audio units. A sound effects app called Remaster was updated in September with the capability to be used as an AU plug-in. Thanks to these developers and especially to the efforts and reporting from John over at the music app blog, we know that the AU system works

I was as surprised as everyone else with the AU news.  Plus, I really thought that Apple’s own GarageBand would be the first app that would act as host for AU plugins. I’m still hoping GB will get updated with this technology (and soon).

That is a quite a lot going on in my music world and I still have other music projects in mind; more videos to release and more to produce, and who knows what else…

Be seeing you

— Bourne 10OCT15

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