Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

Another Song Contest

I’m starting off this month to report about the third music app contest that I’ve recently entered. This is for Novation’s Launchpad app and they have provided a free sound pack from which to work.







The Launchpad remix pack contains some interesting sounds; from mellow pianos and soft strings to glitchy percussion. Using ones own sounds, imported into the app, is allowed to a limited degree, but I decided to stick with the content as provided.

This song is posted on my Soundcloud page, as you can see (and hear) at the end of the post.

Epic Projects

As hinted at in my prior blog entry, I am collaborating with some special people on a project of epic proportions.  This international collab consists of three dedicated iOS musicians, and at least one special guest.

One big side benefit, that I’m really enjoying is getting to know a couple of very wonderful and talented guys. Email for communications and Dropbox for file sharing are the main tools.  We have meet face-to-face, digitally, via Skype, and oh my what a wonderful tool that is. From Texas to England and in-between we had great picture and sound. It’s like how sci-fi often predicted it.  Now, where are the flying cars?

Another complete iOS album

The second full album of my handmade iOS tunes is nearing release. The songs are mastered and ready, and I’m down to the decision phase. Soon, I hope to select which songs to include and in what order. I have one completed music video to be released along with the album. This release should occur soon after the music collaboration song is released. Stay tuned to this bat channel.

Be seeing you
— Bourne 01Nov15


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