Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

New album preview




With a new release in the works, I have just posted a preview video of song excerpts from the upcoming album titled, Dreams.  The album contains several ambient and soundscape type pieces, along with some rock and electro pop.  There are finishing touches to be made, but everything is coming along nicely, and I hope to have everything finished within a couple of weeks.

There is a music video for one of the songs (A Softened Stillness) currently in production to be released along with the album.  Also, I am experimenting with some new video ideas which will, hopefully, culminate in a second music video from this album.

Another blog post is in the works; this one I get into some details on my methods for music production on iOS devices, so stay tuned and I’ll have more content soon.

Youtube link here
Dreams sampler

Be seeing you…

— Bourne 25Jul16


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