Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

New album: Mindless


I’ve just released a new album, titled: Mindless. This is my fourth full album, and as with my other works, it was made using Apple iDevices and a bunch of apps.

The underlying theme here concerns the massive amount of crap that our brains are exposed to, each and every day. From excessive pharmaceutical ads, to the booming mental and behavioral treatment centers that are popping up everywhere, to ambulance chasing lawyer billboards…and on and on. I took inspiration from some of this bung-hole, and turned it into a look inside, both from the side of oneself to those on the outside who want to look in.

But this is not all doom and gloom, as I took inspiration from all of the BS and turned it into something that should please the senses, at least in some ways.

I’ve also made a music video for the title song, Mindless:

This is the 17th Music Video I’ve posted on YouTube
You can check them all out here: Complete Music Videos Playlist:

Here’s a list, by song, of the main music apps that were used for the songs on this album:

Mindless – Gadget, Module, ODYSSEi
Cages – Gadget, Module
Kapaa Walk – GarageBand, LaunchPad, Tines, iSem
Step Up – BeatHawk
The Centurion – Gadget
Rhinestones – GarageBand
Mood Forge – Cubasis, Moodscaper, iSymphonic Orchestra
Purple X – Cubasis, Moodscaper
Outer Rings – Cubasis, Alchemy, GarageBand Drummer
The Other Side – LaunchPad, Blocs Wave
Donnar’s Bolero – Cubasis, SynthMaster Player
Holst: My Country – Cubasis, iSem, Module, Gadget Gladstone Drums

Other apps used (Sound effects and recording).
AudioBus, AudioShare, AUM, Mastering, Zero Reverb, Zero Chorus, Duplicat, DDMF 6144, frekvens, Altispace, Tonestack, Aufx: Dub

My hardware setup:

iDevices: iPad mini-2 , iPad4, iPhone 6+
Audio/MIDI interface: Behringer iStudio
Keyboards: Yamaha MM6, Novation Launchkey mini
Monitors: PreSonus Eris 8

I hope that you enjoy.

Be seeing you
-Bourne 18May17

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