Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

Performance video

I’ve released a new and different kind of music video. This is my first ever performance video;

Below is the description taken from the YouTube page:

Inspired by a recent video from Doug of TheSoundTestRoom where he took a look at the old LaunchKey synthesizer app…link –>

Also, it was a nice day so I went outdoors and set up my Novation LaunchKey Mini keyboard and iPad.

I had collected a bunch of different sounds in the Blocs Wave app, and imported those into LaunchPad. Using the LaunchKey Mini keyboard, I controlled both the LaunchPad and the LaunchKey apps. Novation makes the LaunchKey Mini keyboard and Amplify is Novation’s iOS app developer team, so I just called it a Novation Jam to keep things simple.

The music was recorded with the app called AUM (from Kymatica), The video was recorded with the ProCam app and was edited using LumaFusion.

More info:

I may do more of these types of videos as the thought of it and the doing of it were both quite inspirational. Also the video editing was just as interesting, using a newly acquired app called, LumaFusion. This is probably the most fully fleshed out and powerful video editor available for iOS devices. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in video editing on a mobile device.


–Bourne 23Sep17

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