Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices


Current update: June 26, 2016


iOS synths

— Some recently used iOS synthesizer apps —


The ever changing list of iOS apps that I’ve recently used for music ┬ácomposition, creation, and sonic exploration.

­čÄ╣ ­čÄ╝


Synthmaster Player, Moog Model 15, Animoog,
Thor, Alchemy Mobile Synth*,  Viking, iSem, Shoom, Moodscaper


BeatHawk, ThumbJam, Korg Gadget (with Module and iM1)
iSymphonic Orchestra, GarageBand (expanded instrument sets)


Patterning, GarageBand Drummer, DrumJam


Infinite Looper,  Cubasis, KORG Gadget


midimittr, MIDI Designer Pro, MIDI Wrench


iVoxtel, Harmony Voice, VoiceRack FX


Blamsoft effects Suite (all AUX)
AltiSpace (reverb)
Aufx series (Space, Dub, PeakQ, Push)
Holderness Media (Echo Pad, Stereo Designer, etc)
DFX (multi effects)


Cubasis (DAW), AUM (recorder/mixer)
Audiobus (Audio Utility), & AudioBus Remote
AudioShare (File management and Audio processing)
AudioMastering (Suite of mastering effects)


* Camel Audio/ Alchemy Synth, R.I.P. ┬á— but it didn’t rest in peace, it arose from the Appstore and now lives in Apple Logic (I need a Mac!)



Comments on: "Apps" (5)

  1. Hi Toz,

    Instead of buying a Mac and then purchasing Logic, why doesn’t the entire iOS community get together and start a campaign to get Apple to release this fantastic Synth either as a stand-alone app or incorporate it into the IOS version of Garageband? Everyone I know who were fortunate enough to have purchased this synth before Apple killed it has raved about it! Besides, all Apple would have to do is create a new “opening” and “about” screen and post it.

    I’ve used Apple products sine the ’80s, and ever since Steve passed, I’ve become more and more disenchanted with the company I once adored. The killing of Alchemy is a sterling example of the thoughtless stupidity that had become the new Apple!

  2. The new iOS 11 is said to accept only 64bit apps- and Alchemy is a 32Bit app with no further support.
    Also with iOS 10.3.1, I don’t know if I can re-animate it again, it doesn’t get the patches it needs.
    The embedded version in Garagaband is no equal substitution and miss the best patches. Also, the version embedded in Logic on a MAC is then on the other hand far more complex and a complete different game- there’s just no fair substitution within this genre of music for Alchemy.
    I am very unhappy Apple had let the best Synth on iOS die for something that doesn’t come close by.

    • Hi,
      Short addendum: Alchemy with iOS 10.3.1 works…so it gets another year to survive! hurray!

      • Thanks for the comments. I have Alchemy running fine on iPhone at iOS 10.3, but I mostly use it on the 32bit ipad4 which is still on iOS 9. Still debating about moving it up to iOS 10 for its last iOS update. I guess this situation just emphasizes how we rent (license) software and not actually own it, which sucks. And why Apple didn’t release a new or updated standalone Alchemy for iOS is just plain weird, to me.

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