Mobile music creation on Apple's iOS devices

This entry is to link to an iOS music app video demo I put up on YouTube.  More details about the collaboration with Doug of TheSoundTestRoom will be posted here soon. 


imageKeith Noel Emerson died 10Mar16 at his home in Santa Monica, California at age 71. The legendary keyboard player fused rock with jazz, classical, ragtime, folk, and avant-garde, among others. His keyboard playing prowess is legendary, as are his stage antics.
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Over the last few months we have seen several major inovations become available for iOS music makers. These advances include Apple’s own Audio Unit Extensions, and the ability for apps to use a direct USB connection to the desktop PC (Mac and Windows)
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Puerto – Music Video

A short post just to announce a new video:



Future Tense

Hot on the heels of the successful collaboration project that resulted in an epic song and the Better Than Epic band, I’ve published a new solo album called Future Tense. This collection of songs covers a variety of styles from ambient to techno to jazz.

Future Tense album cover



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Great music apps of 2015

This has been a banner year for music making apps; we have seen the debut of many fantastic apps for synths, instruments, effects, theory/learning, creation, recording and control. Rather than attempt a year end best of app list that would be woefully incomplete, I wanted to look at some of the new music making apps that made an impression in one way or another.

Apps from 2015


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What is Better Than Epic?

Four Years with an ipad

Better Than Epic — it really is

Several weeks ago I wrote what I thought was an innocent, and humorous comment on the AudioBus forums. Well innocence be damned; that one comment has led to a music project of epic international proportions.

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