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Going Viral (Music Video)

Check out this music video that I made with me trusty iPad and iPhone.

Details about the music and the video apps:

Audio apps: Launchpad (for backing tracks), GarageBand (for strings and mixing), iSem (lead synth), Mastering.

Visual Apps: Uzu (A generative design playground). I “played” the visual app on iPad as I listened to the song which I had saved to my iPhone. I used the new screen recording function in iOS11 to capture the visuals. Luma Fusion app was used to put the audio and video together, and then upload to YouTube.

Recent iOS tech advances

Over the last few months we have seen several major inovations become available for iOS music makers. These advances include Apple’s own Audio Unit Extensions, and the ability for apps to use a direct USB connection to the desktop PC (Mac and Windows)

Puerto – Music Video

A short post just to announce a new video:



Future Tense

Hot on the heels of the successful collaboration project that resulted in an epic song and the Better Than Epic band, I’ve published a new solo album called Future Tense. This collection of songs covers a variety of styles from ambient to techno to jazz.

Future Tense album cover




Four Years With an iPad



It was near the Thanksgiving holiday in 2011 when an iPad2 arrived at my door; shipped directly from the refurbishing plant in China. It was as good as new, with a full warranty, and as such, a little cheaper. The iPad2 was the first Apple product I had ever purchased so I tried to minimize potential financial damage.


News, projects & happenings



First off is a plug for a friend who recently released a new song on iTunes.  Bridges Burn – Single by AVB

AVB has two other singles on iTunes titled: Brand New, and You Push and I’ll Pull.


Song contests


Two of my favorite iOS music app developers have song contests underway and I’ve entered both.  There are a number of firsts involved with both entries: I’ve never entered a song contest before. For KORG’s app Gadget, the song contest is to remix one of their in-app example songs.  From KV331Audio, we have the SynthMaster Player app and their contest is for an original song that features sounds from their brilliant app.